Hearthstone Board Approves Amended and Restrictive Covenants

The Hearthstone Board has amended the Restrictive Covenants which were originally written in 1990.

In the past, there were two sections in Hearthstone. Section I was for lots 1 to 131 and Section II was for lots 132 to 218. These sections have been merged into one.

Notable changes to the Covenants are as follows:

  1. Deleted all references to “Developer.”
  2. All references to “Allen County” were changed to “Fort Wayne.”
  3. Section 5 – The Board of Directors to appoint the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
  4. Section 6 – Association cannot ban political signs under Indiana law so this language was updated.
  5. Section 6.12.1 – Modified restriction on satellite dishes and solar panels
  6. Section 6.26 – Language updated with the new procedure for amendments.
  7. Section 10 – This is a new section dealing specifically with the “No Rentals” provision.

The new Amended and Restrictive Covenants appear in full on the Association’s website (hvcafw.org). Select “Homeowners Resources” which will show a drop down menu where you can access the new Covenants. This will allow any comparison you may wish to the existing Covenants.

The Board hopes we have your support for our work. A member of the Board will be visiting each homeowner during the month of August to obtain their signature(s) for these Amendments.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Board (see “Contact Us” on our website) with any questions you may have.