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Please see below for a list of current Board Members and their contact information. If you have any questions about which district you are in, please see the map here, or e-mail

Or, to contact a specific Board Member, please see the listing and contact email below.

District Title Name
1 Contracted Maintenanace Tom Pippenger
2   Mary Licker


3   Stephen Paris
4   Glenn Auchtung
5   Jesse Zimmerman
6 Crime & Safety Tama Bradley
7   Jason Flyte
8 Architectural Kerry Schoeph
9   Caryn Nesser
10   James Blankenship
At-Large President Brian Davies
At-Large Vice President Open
At-Large Secretary Janell Hendrickson
At-Large Treasurer Joe Kumfer
At-Large   Tim Hake
At-Large General Maintenance Rick Sikora